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Many different boat classes are sailed at Burwain and due to the lakes size certain classes and size of boat are preferred. If you are new to sailing the BIG QUESTION is ‘What type of boat should I sail”. Below are some of the more popular classes sailed at the club. There is no single fleet ownership policy so you can sail and race most types of dinghy you want. Members can participate in the racing under our Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap System which allows for different classes of boat to sail competitively against each other.

Popular Boat Classes

There are certain boat classes which are popular with club members creating a number of ‘mini fleets’ which are growing steadily The benefits of these mini fleets is that when racing you can pitt your skills against boats of the equal performance.

Below is a list of the popular dinghy classes sailed at Burwain:


Double hander
gp14 tacking 2A classic Burwain Boat. The GP14 is a very popular double handed boat. 14ft long with Jib, Mainsail and spinnaker. The GP14 is ideally suited to the lake. Mark 1 and Mark 2 models regularly make an appearance. Boats are constructed from all wood, Composite wood/GRP or fully GRP.


Single hander
solo racing 1A resurgence in this classic style of boat has resulted in a strong and growing fleet. With its fully battened sail it is very competitive in light winds. Suitable for a wide range of sizes of sailor


Single hander
laser hikingA popular choice due to the simple rigging system. It’s fast and in the right conditions it can be very demanding.The ability to change the sail size between the standard, radial and even the small 4.7 rigs makes it great for a mixed sizes of sailors and different wind conditions.


Single Hander
leakeA style of boat with a growing popularity at Burwain. With its fixed mast design and sleek lines it is an ideal boats for mid size adults and juniors.


Single hander
phantom restingProbably the fastest class of boat sailed at Burwain. Its single sail design is suited for larger/taller adults with aa good level of experience.


Double hander
gp14 sailfishAnother double handed boat choice for members. The enterprise has a long heritage of being great family boat and competent club racer. Its distinctive blue main sail and jib sails makes it easy to spot on the lake.


Junior single hander
sailfish learn to sail 1Toppers are a very popular class of boat for young children and teenagers. With different size sails it can be rigged to suit the size of its helm and the weather conditions. Its popularity means there are always other ‘Topper class’ events that you can attend and compete. Its plastic hull design can also take the knocks and bumps that occurs with juniors learning to sail.

RS Vario

Single hander
vario racing 2A fast asymetric style dinghy with Spinnaker makes this a technical but rewarding boat to sail.