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Burwain Singlehander Championship 2014

patrick solo

Single hander chamionship 2014 – are you good enough to take the title from Patrick Hamilton?

Up to 18 boats took part in last year’s Single Hander Club Championships. Lets make this years a well fought, highly competitive contest.
3 races with 2 to count, handicap racing for all single hander boats.
The 1st race starts at 1pm



Mark Sutcliffe Could anyone swap with me for OOD Duty on Weds, July 19? Bribes may be available...!22.06.2017 at 11:46 amLike
Mark Wilkin I am OOD on Sunday 16th if you are interested??22.06.2017 at 06:33 pm
Neil Kernot 24th June 2017
26.06.2017 at 11:19 pmLike
Neil Kernot 19.06.2017 at 01:11 pmLike
Simon Ashworth Regatta Weekend - whats start time tomorrow??16.06.2017 at 07:05 pmLike
Olwyn Pearce First race is 1 pm I'm told16.06.2017 at 07:15 pm1Innes Armstrong Should be one o'clock16.06.2017 at 07:32 pm1
Paul Hargreaves George Graham leading the fleet in the 2nd race of Solo Open
10.06.2017 at 07:55 pmLike
Anne Graham Thanks Paul for the super photography yet again .11.06.2017 at 08:39 pm2Susan Sharman A star ...12.06.2017 at 06:12 pm
Paul Hargreaves Wet and Shifty winds for the Solo Northerns
Solo Northerns at Burwain SC 2017paulhargreavesphotography.zenfolio.comPaul Hargreaves Photography
10.06.2017 at 10:33 pmLike
Neil Kernot go and jump in a lake...22.05.2017 at 09:05 pmLike
Neil Kernot Sailfish last week19.05.2017 at 03:15 pmLike
Tom Partridge Sailfish for junior sailors is due to start on 14th April. We are running our first evening as an openSee More event so if you know any young people who may be interested then please share this link See Less
Sailfish Taster Session - an opportunity for children to try out event is an opportunity for children aged 8 years and over to come sailing and find out more about joining Burwain Sailing Club. An experienced sailor will take groups of three children at a time for a short sail of about 20 minutes around the lake. Children will be able to enjoy the sensation…
02.04.2017 at 07:19 pmLike
Charlotte Louise Do we need to book?03.04.2017 at 11:15 amCharlotte Louise Just trying to find the link to book.. not found it yet. If he enjoys it, how much would it be for him to take this up as an activity?04.04.2017 at 08:31 amview 3 more commentsBrian Curran Will you be running any more open events?17.04.2017 at 01:28 pmTom Partridge The club's main Open Day is Sunday 14th May. See this link: at 11:14 pm1John Hodge ..... at 02:18 pm
Tracy Graham A brilliant result for Stephen Graham 3rd in the Solo Spring Championship in Oxford, out of 62 starters.29.04.2017 at 06:51 pmLike
Julie Townson Absolutely brilliant. Well done Stephen! xx29.04.2017 at 07:31 pmAnne Graham Great result Stephen .chuffed for you xx30.04.2017 at 09:38 am1
John Richardson thanks for the add, ive not sailed before but would like to give it a try. i thought i saw a open daySee More mentioned at some point in the past. or was that clow bridgeSee Less12.05.2017 at 03:50 pmLike
David Bailey Hi John there is taster day on Sunday that you can register for. The link is on the Burwain web site. And below for your convenience at 10:27 pm1
Tom Partridge If anyone wants to sail in a Gp14 this aft then I'm up there shortly and looking for a crew. Can't pickSee More up messages after this. Just turn up if you're interested. 12.30ish. TomSee Less06.05.2017 at 11:30 amLike
Barry Holden Unfortunately I can't make the laser open tomorrow. If anyone wants to use my boat they can, everythingSee More is in the boat.See Less06.05.2017 at 09:56 amLike
Simon Ashworth Laser Open Tomorrow - who's going and what's kick off time?????06.05.2017 at 08:38 amLike
Beth Fazackerley I'm trying to persuade Peter Nelson to sail, if he is I'll be down to help out!06.05.2017 at 09:03 am1Gerard Lamle 11am first signal. I'll be down too.06.05.2017 at 09:15 am1
Katy Roberts Hi. My son Jonah has just started junior sailing and is thoroughly enjoying it. I'd like to start buyingSee More him bits of clothing he might need starting with a wetsuit. There seems to be so many different types out there?! Could anyone give me any tips or recommend the type to get and where to buy from? Thanks!See Less05.05.2017 at 02:52 pmLike
Tom Partridge Hi Katy, 1st Mark in Wigan sell sailing gear They sponsor various north west junior sailing events so they should have a good range of junior gear, but worth checking with them before you visit. There is also Preston marina which is a bit closer Both should be able to offer advice. Have you checked out all the hand-me-down gear at the club? Hope to see you and Jonah this eve. But hoping the wind drops off a bit! Tom05.05.2017 at 04:53 pmStephen Graham Decathlon Stockport is normally good value but limited range05.05.2017 at 06:46 pm1view 1 more commentsPaul Hargreaves Virtual Rigger have always been good to deal with and they put money back into sailing by sponsoring juniors and youths I personally like the Neil Pyde wetsuits (someone thought about them when designing them as they put a fly hole in them not rocket science) at 07:29 pm
Paul Hargreaves Well done Stephen Graham,
A great video as well
Solo Spring Championship 2017youtube.comI created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
01.05.2017 at 11:26 amLike
Mussell James Going free to good home - mirror dinghy road trolley. Any takers?22.04.2017 at 02:47 pmLike
Fran Moore John & Anne Graham's Golden Wedding Anniversary ?19.04.2017 at 05:58 pmLike
Fran Moore John Hartley19.04.2017 at 06:33 pm
Fran Moore John & Anne Graham's Golden Wedding Anniversary ?19.04.2017 at 05:53 pmLike
Fran Moore John & Anne Graham's Golden Wedding Anniversary ?19.04.2017 at 05:50 pmLike
James Dewhurst GP14, Streaker and National 12 Open meeting results are all on the website.17.04.2017 at 01:19 pmLike
James Dewhurst James Dewhurst updated Burwain Sailing Club's topics to Sailing.17.04.2017 at 01:18 pmLike
Steve Williams Disappointed that i wont be able to sail today as injured my arm in work15.04.2017 at 10:10 amLike
Charlotte Louise Our children loved the taster session tonight. Thank you! ⛵️⛵️14.04.2017 at 08:18 pmLike
Katy Roberts Yes they thoroughly enjoyed it ?14.04.2017 at 08:59 pm
Simon Ashworth Me!! OOD Again on my own! Billie NM!
Weathers good, need 20 plus boats to make it interesting.
See More to be finished so you can all get back for Grand National!!!!See Less
08.04.2017 at 11:02 amLike
Simon Ashworth Only 8 so far???08.04.2017 at 12:43 pm
David Bailey Single handed regatta today xcweather says 10 to 14 winds sounds almost perfect see you all there.01.04.2017 at 09:27 amLike
Simon Ashworth Will miss it! Damm it!!01.04.2017 at 10:02 amInnes Armstrong Slightly optimistic about the wind ?01.04.2017 at 11:32 am
James Dewhurst Burwain's first ever Mega Pursuit.
Near perfect conditions and plenty of gybing practice.
Well done to
See More 1st George Graham, 2nd Innes Armstrong, 3rd Paul Graham.
Full results Less
26.03.2017 at 04:55 pmLike
Julie Townson so doesn't help when you leave your spinnaker pole in the dinghy pen! Thanks International Rescue aka James Dewhurst26.03.2017 at 06:33 pm
Jade Wood If anybody is interested just give him a message or call and I'm sure he will get back to you as soonSee More as possible ☺️See Less
18.03.2017 at 07:51 pmLike
Steve Williams Missed sailing this weekend. i was really looking forward to it.05.03.2017 at 08:52 pmLike
James Dewhurst James Dewhurst updated the group photo in Burwain Sailing Club.
01.03.2017 at 08:18 pmLike
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