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Guidance & Policies whilst dealing with Covid-19

Health & Wellbeing

  • Avoid attending any club facilities if you feel unwell
  • If you or anyone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms, then avoid using the club for a minimum of 14 days
  • Wash your hands after touching common surfaces and always after coughing & sneezing, and before and after leaving the club. – Use the Club Hand Sanitising Stations.
  • Maintain safe social distancing at all times – Observe 2m distance – Refer to safety signs
  • Only meet with one other person at a time and maintain safe social distance
  • Be considerate to other members especially when launching and retrieving boats
  • Personal Equipment

  • Members must bring and use their own equipment and sail their own boat
  • Should you require the use of a club buoyancy aid please use one on a temporary loan basis. When returning, please wash thoroughly and leave for 7 days before returning.

    Food & Drink

  • Please bring your own food and drink. Avoid sharing cups, and bottles
  • The galley is out of bounds till Alert level 2 and only then with limited access.
  • Club House

    The club house is out of bounds until Alert level 2 and only then for the following reasons:

  • Access for safety boat keys (1 designated person only)
  • OD and assistant OD (when racing is permitted – 1 person only at a time in OD Box)
  • Toilets – Use of the club toilets is permitted using a 1 in and 1 out policy (please observe signs)
  • Buoyancy aid access
  • Sanitising stations

  • There are 4 sanitising stations located at:
  • – 2 x inside the dinghy pen
    – 1 x outside the club house
    – 1 x inside the club house
    Each station contains a hand sanitising gel pump dispenser

  • Use the hand sanitiser for your own use after touching common surfaces or equipment.
  • Club Equipment

  • After using club equipment (safety boat, keys, floats, etc) please replace after use and sanitise your hands.
  • Safety Boat

  • Only 1 person allowed in a safety boat at a time (2 persons permitted if part of the same household)
  • Follow hand sanitizing procedures after use.
  • If rescuing someone and there is the possibility of close contact it is advised to wear a face mask during this procedure
  • Recovery ladders are supplied in the boat – familiarize yourself with their use
  • Give-Way points

    Where a 2m distance can’t be maintained please observe a Give-Way protocol

  • Side access to club house
  • Club entrance
  • Bridge over the overflow
  • Pontoons and pontoon ramp
  • Launching & Recovery

  • Maintain 2m social distancing
  • Where it requires 2 people to launch or retrieve a boat have one person at the bow and one at the stern to push and pull. Multiple persons from the same household is permitted
  • If confident use a vehicle to tow large boats up the slip way
  • Move trolleys to a safe position and avoid creating obstacles for other members or the general public
  • Safety Cover / OD

    At Alert level 4

  • Any safety cover is up to the participants to self organise and decide what level they feel is appropriate for their ability and wind conditions.
  • At Alert level 3 and lower

  • The club will aim to have an organised safety officer/OD to oversee organised activities. They will be in charge of organising the safety boat cover.
  • Once racing restarts the OD will be the designated safety officer.
  • We ask that all members help the Safety Officer/OD by:

  • Maintain their own safe social distancing and sanitising activities
  • Follow the Club’s Covid policies and procedures
  • Only sail when conditions are within their capabilities
  • Sailing Activities

  • Refer to the Club Activities Plan for guidance on which activities are permitted at each Alert Level
  • The Alert Level to which the club is operating will be displayed on:
    – External signs placed in the dinghy pen and outside the club house
    – On the Club website|

  • Check organised sailing times for sailing with safety cover
  • Sailing outside of organised sailing times is permitted but is wholly at the risk of the individual. Please make sure you have informed a 3rd party of your activity.
  • Only sail within your capabilities. Check wind conditions and gust levels – do not put yourself or others at risk if the conditions are at the limit of your capabilities.
  • Sail by yourself only in your own boat, or with another member from your own household.
  • Respect other members in the dinghy pen, launching area and on the water
  • Use of the pontoons is permitted but observe social distancing measures when launching and berthing
  • Come ready dressed for the activity or change in the dinghy pen
  • Club Boats

  • Use of club boats is permitted ONLY by prior booking with Paul Graham. The boat will be yours to use solely until restrictions lower to a safe level.
  • Racing

    The year’s remaining racing series are being restructured to adapt to the restrictions and reduced season. There will be a separate communication distributed by the Club Captain outlining the revised racing timetable and racing formats.

  • Formal Racing will be permitted at Level 3
  • Refer to weather conditions – only sail within your capabilities
  • Courses and race formats may be restricted so please be patient and cooperate with the OD
  • Bar & Galley

  • The bar and galley are currently out of bounds. Refer to the Club Activity Plan for when access is available.
  • RC Lasers

  • All the above policies & procedures also govern the sailing of RC lasers.
  • A separate RC Lasers Activity Plan is also available. Please refer to this before undertaking any activities.