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Combined Learn to Sail Courses + Membership + Boat hire

If you are looking for Learn to sail courses, our popular Combo Package is a great solution. The package gives users full RYA level 1/2 Training, PLUS Reduced Price Membership PLUS Boat Hire.
The big benefit of a combo package combining your RYA training with a full membership means you get the benefit of continued support in your sailing with flexible membership and use of fully equipped club boats.
Combined packages start at £265 (offering a saving of £100 if bought as separate).

Learn to Sail + Membership + Boat Hire Packages

The Price for a Combo package varies depending on the type of membership you require and the time of year that you join.

Categories: Combo packages are available for the following categories:
Individual – Single adults
Families – 2 Adults Plus children (over 8yrs of age)
Dual – 2 adults from the same household
Student – aged between 18-21yr in full time education.

Variable Rates: Depending on the time of year you start your course and join:
Full year (Jan – Dec)
Half a year (July – Dec)
Third of a year (Oct to Dec)

(Jan - Dec)
1/2 YEAR
(Jul - Dec)
1/3 YEAR
(Sept - Dec)
Single User Combined Package• 1 adult membership
• RYA level 1 or Level 2 training
• Use of a club boat
Family Combined Package• 2 adult memberships
• Children's membership to Sailfish
• RYA level 1 or Level 2 training for both adults
• RYA stages 1-4 for juniors in Sailfish
• Use of a club boats
Dual Combined Package• 2 adult memberships
• RYA level 1 or Level 2 training for both adults
• Use of a club boats
Student Combined Package• 1 student membership
• RYA level 1 or Level 2 training
• Use of a club boat

Why Choose a Combo Package?

Learning to sail is fun and challenging, however, attaining RYA level 1 or 2 can be just the start of your sailing journey. Attaining RYA level 2 can require extra practice, plus one you have reached this level we’re sure that you’d want to improve your skills further and become a competent sailor.
Combining an RYA course with Club membership and boat hire allows you to continue sailing in a safe, controlled environment with all the benefits offered by a club such as Burwain:
• Continued Training support • Opportunity to sail different club boats (single and double handers) • Sail safe at organised times with safety support boats
The combo package gives you all the support you need.

What does the training include?

Training will take place during one of the designated Club Training Periods. The first period is to run between May and June 2018 with exact dates and times to be confirmed (subject to demand).
RYA level 1 Suitable for those completely new to sailing or with very little sailing experience. The course takes you through the basics of rigging a dinghy, launching and retrieval of the dinghy, basic sailing skills. Visit our RYA training page for more information >>>
RYA Level 2 Suitable for those with RYA level 1. This course is the next natural progression, working on more skills and aspects of boat handling. Ultimately RYA Level 2 allows you o sail independently in all directions and be able to a capsize recovery. Visit our RYA training page for more information >>>

What does the boat usage include?

You have access to the club’s boats as part of the deal (subject to availability). We have a selection of single & double hander boats for you to use. The benefit is that not only do you have a boat to sail, but you can try different styles and see which suits you best. Ultimately you may want to buy a boat (which can be daunting). By using the club boats you can see what suits you best and get a real feel for the types available.

What’s included in a Family Combo package

This gives RYA Training to Level 1 or 2 for 2 adults. Children (under 18) within the family package are allowed membership of our Sailfish Club. This has its own Learn To sail programme, focussing on the RYA stages 1-4 for Juniors. Visit our Sailfish page for more information. >>>