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Membership Questions & Answers

Q.. How do I join?
A..Fill out a membership form and select the category you want to join under. e.g. Family, Single, Junior, etc. Check out the membership categories here >>.
OR Download a Membership form here >>>
Membership forms are also available at the club, or from maria Mussell, Membership Secretary, 4 James St, Huncoat, Lancs, BB5 6NF. Tel: 01254 675758, Email:

Q..How long is a membership for and do I need to pay in full?
A..Membership packages are for 1 year and run from January to December. Payments for the year are due by the 31st March at the latest. We ask members to pay in full

Q..What if I join mid way way through a year – Do I still have to pay full membership?
A..NO. If you join after June you will be able to join on a reduced membership fee. And if you join from October onwards you will be given the option of joining for the following year but receive the last 3 months of the current year FREE. Check out our membership packages here>>

Q..Can I join for a short time period?
A..No, Because Burwain has invested a lot to support its members with training, racing and improving their sailing, we ask members to join for a minimum of 1 year (or part thereof if joining mid year).

Learning to Sail Questions & Answers

Q..How long are courses?
A..Our standard RYA 1 & 2 courses take place over 4 organised sessions of between 2-3 hours per session. Check out the course details here>>

Q..What equipment is provided?
A..We supply the relevant safety equipment such as buoyancy aids, However we do not supply any wet gear such as wetsuits.

Q..Will I get wet?
A..With sailing, there is always the chance that you may get wet – This can be part of the fun!!. We would advise you to bring spare clothing or wear suitable wet water gear such as a wet suit if you have one, (although a wet suit is not totally necessary on the first two sessions of a Learn to Sail Course).

Q..What safety support is provided?
A..We always have a safety boat on standby during all sailing activity. This is there to help sailors should they get into difficulty or capsize.

Q..What happens if I capsize?
A..On a RYA level 2 course, capsize drills are part of the course. You will be given instruction on how to recover from a capsized dinghy, right it and set sail again.

Q..Can I try a taster session to see if I enjoy it?
A..Yes, we have a half day taster session for adults that is ideal for people wanting to experience sailing before committing to a Training course. More information: 1/2 Day crewing taster session For Juniors, we also have an organised Sailfish Taster Session at the beginning of the Sailfish programme in April. Bring your 8+ year old to have a go.

Q..What clothing do I need?
A..As sailing depends on the wind it can get a bit chilly depending on the time of year and where you are in your training programme
LEARN TO SAIL: For the first couple sessions you will be in a larger double handed boat, therefore it is unlikely you need anything more than training shoes/wet shoes, tracksuit, shorts, etc PLUS a wind proof jacket. If it is early in the year you may consider bringing a hat and gloves. As you progress through your course you may want to experience a single handed boat where you may get a bit wet, therefore please wear something more appropriate for this activity.

Q..Do I need my own boat for learning to sail?
A..No – the club has various boats that you can use as part of the course. Initially you will go out with an RYA qualified Trainer in a double handed boat who will show you what to do. After a couple of weeks if you are confident you will be able to take out one of the clubs single handed boats. There are a selection of Toppers, Picos, Teras and Club Lasers that you can choose to sail depending on your age and size.

Q..What if I miss a training session?
A..The organised RYA training sessions will take place over a period of weeks and allows for some flexibility in how the courses are delivered should you need to miss a session.

Owning a Boat

Q.. Do I need to own a boat?
A..No, you can join the club as a ‘Sailing Non-Boat Member’ This entitles you to access the club boats which are available to hire per day or for extended periods such as 3,6, or 9 month periods. See Boat Hire for further details.

Q.. What boats are there for Hire?
A..The club encourages new members to hire club boats to get to know the different classes and what boat style suits you best. Club boats are available to hire per day of for extended periods. – View Hire details here>>
The boats for hire include:
Terras – suitable for young children
Toppers – suitable for juniors and small adults
Picos – Suitable for juniors and adults
Lasers – Suitable for larger juniors and adults
Enterprise – A double hander
GP14 – A double hander
RS Visions – A double hander