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Saturday Race Series ‘B’ 2013 & Champagne Day Results

Series finished BUTTON
The Saturday B series started in windy conditions with the Champagne Day adding a bit of extra competition.

Champagne Day Results May 4th

Saturday 4th May was a ‘Champagne Day’ and congratulations goes to Mark Pearce in his Streaker who sailed superbly in strong winds with 3 x 1st places to clinch the Champagne.
1st Place M Pearce (Streaker)
2nd Place P Hodgson (Laser)
3rd Place M Leake (streaker)


21 Races, 11 to Count

PY Handicap Racing, Mass Start, First Warning signal at 12.55pm for a 1pm start.
Series Start Date: Sat 4th May, Ends: Sat 22nd June.
40 boates competed with 10 reaching the qualifying standard
1st Place C Hawkins (Phantom)
2nd Place P Hodgson (Laser)
3rd Place D Bailey (Laser)

HelmCrewBoatSail No123456789101112131415161718192021ResultPosition
HelmCrewBoatSail No123456789101112131415161718192021ResultPosition
C HawkinsPhantom1371212 (DNF)-42----22251117 (RTD)6326 (DNF)78301
P HargreavesPhantom1095912 (DNF)----------245OODOODOOD26 (DNF)2011122.39
R GossSupaNova6301046 (DNF)16 (DNF)11 (DNF)6 (DNF)1087-87151711131310162216908
B AlliinsonSolo3828312 (DNF)-16 (DNF)--------------26 (DNF)28 (DNF)-
E RowlandSolo5018412 (DNF)-16 (DNF)9-45111 (DQF)43---------
D BaileyLaser182569812 (DNF)-553---36679105125111712323
G LamleLaser-512 (DNF)4884664----1279118121414694
P HodgsonLaser Radial132202632342---11 (DQF)55911610971328 (DNF)15522
M LeakeStreaker167672316 (DNF)7-------3631174---695
M PearceStreaker1744111------------------
P NorcliffeSolo-12 (DNF)----312---424---26 (DNF)28 (DNF)-
A JohnsonLaser188273---23----131------833
C RobinsonLaser Radial171861---16 (DNF)--543---1010-810----
P NelsonLaser173162---111---------2211 (DNF)164
R WhittleSolo4715---16 (DNF) 6-------13238-1528 (DNF)-81.36
A AspdenVereo + GP14*363---16 (DNF)--9108-10-18*(DNF)15*9*---26 (DNF)28 (DNF)-139.710
M Pearce?GP1413490---7-----------------
P Dewhurstvarious T PartridgeGP14---6--23----18 (DNF)8-415 (DNF)--189887
G HowsonStreaker1825------89--9-13--------
E FazackerlySolo Laser radial*2925------776-79 (DNF)14*1612------
A DawsonVareo489------125------------
J PartridgeF O'HurleyGP14512464---------11 (DQF)-----------
?laser150414---------11 (DQF)(DNS)--19 (DNF)----
P DewhurstSolo4714----------14--------
M Earllaser160889------------1214-------
T Ormerodlaser125615------------65-64-141113
D MussellSupanova496------------1113817 (RTD)-----
M EminaEnterprise22499-------------87-------
S GrahamSolo3271---------------132341
P HamiltonSolo5383---------------17 (RTD)11252
J PartridgeLaser Radial----------------12-----
A HargreavesStreaker1342---------------756710-
G DewhurstN DewhurstGP1413375------------------68-
I ArmstrongJ PartridgeGP1413447------------------26 (DNF)1-
L TenantT carterGP1414103------------------426
P Grahamlaser------------------26 (DNF)919
T Blackburnlaser171756------------------26 (DNF)16-
T BennetSolo-------------------91219
G GrahamTopper------------------5198
G BatesO BatesBahia194------------------26 (DNF)21-
S AshworthLaser1654401013-
J dewhurstSolo4714-157
B HoldenLaser136014--10

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