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Saturday Race Series ‘E’ 2013

Series finished BUTTON

The Saturday E series took place in some mild weather conditions for the time of year due mainly to southerly wind direction for many of the races. However, this did cause some frustrating and unusual sailing conditions with the wind swirling round the lake. The water level of the lake also started to increase steadily which did help conditions.

Final Series Race Results – 18 Races, 10 to Count

PY Handicap Racing, Mass Start, First Warning signal at 1pm
Series Start Date: Sat 12th Oct, Ended: Sat 30th Nov
33 boats competed with 11 qualifying for a final result.

1st Place L Tennant, & O Ralph (GP14)
2nd Place R Whittle (Solo)
3rd Place P dewhurst & C Dobson (GP14)

HelmCrewBoatSail No123456789101112131415161718ResultPosition
HelmCrewBoatSail No123456789101112131415161718ResultPosition
S. GrahamT Graham* T Blackburn+Solo, GP14*3271, 135552324*2*-32----11 (DNF)=66--414
S. Ashworthlaser165440---612-----------
B. HoldenLaser176853---7138----------
P. HodgsonLaser1322628177------11 (DNF)---
J. DewhurstSolo47141732-6-------43
L. TennantO RalphGP14141031112321111--11--57111
M. PearceStreaker17443455615------------
P. NorcliffeSolo4108---366-6--23------
G. LamleLaser-8871215913 (DNF)545--33----647
T. OrmerodLaser12561513114------------
P. HargreavesSolution, Streaker*451 ---15)16-8710* (dnf)8 (DNF)3511 (DNF)-7789729
R. WhittleSolo471569684---2311-45 (DNF)322223.82
A. YatesStreaker167615 (DNF)71010511------------
E. RowlandSolo5018101011119-713 (DNF)--44--4575658
A. AspdenVario, Streaker*363---1820-13 (DNF)13 (DNF)OODOOD9*8(--9 (DNF)81010103.611
A. Dawsonvario489---23--------------
R. GossSolution, GP14*4271213121721121013 (DNF)---------11
G. HowsonStreaker1825--1618-----76------
K. DobsonRS 20002498---2022-------------
J. WoodTopper Topaz1860---191913------------
D. BaileyLaser18256991181414106888 (DNF)--------
P. HamiltonK Witon*Solo, GP14*5383----11-----11 (DNF)*-2111
P. Dewhurst/C Dobson,AN OtherGP14, SOLO13545724-105995--211 (DNF)-1334363
Tim ?Laser136014-DSQ-------------
C. RobinsonLaser1718611112--------59------
P. NelsonLaser173162OOdOOdOOD---2--------
P HamiltonJ DewhurstEnterprise22499463---------------
T Blackburnlaser16658315 (DNF)-----------------
M LeakeStreaker1676887---4434OOdOOd11 (DNF)-546647.65
A hargreavesStreaker, Solution*OOdOOdOOD---537*-8722--9851.16
M EarlLaser160889----------61-------
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