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Slipway Improvements November 2013

SLIPWAY CONCRETING PHOTO 2Essential upgrades of the slipways took place in November 2013. Courtesy of the Ted Fort Foundation Donation, the committee decided to put part of the funds into action straight away with the upgrade and extension of the boat launching slipways by the dinghy pen.

Taking advantage of the low water level, work started in earnest before the Autumn rains made the work impossible. The aim was to extend the slipways to both sides of the jetty (East & West). Extending the widths of the slipways will allow for a greater number of boats to be launched, especially on the eastern slipway which is currently only wide enough for single boat launching.

The work was undertaken by an army of club volunteers with pre-site preparation taking place in October with the removal of many of the rocks and stones in the area. 32 Tonnes of Tarmac Planings and hardcore were then laid to both the West and East slipways to provide a base and foundation for the concrete extensions. Finally, 3 truckloads of concrete (16 Cubic) was then laid. Many thanks to the volunteers who gave up two whole days to complete the work which was all just in time too as the recent rain has seen the water level rising rapidly.

16/11/2013 | News, Ted Fort Foundation, The Club | 0

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