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Summer Regatta 2013 – Results Now In

The wind blew hard at the Burwain Annual Summer Regatta

This event was open to all members and was set to comprise of 6 PY handicap races with mass starts (3 per day). However, due to high winds on Sunday, race 5 was Abandoned. The rules for qualifying remained as best 3 results out of the 5 races.
30 boats competed with 18 registering a result. Well done to all the sailors who took part and encountered some difficult conditions. The first beat to mark 1 in the first race will be remembered for a long time. It was carnage with up to 8 boats capsized at once!!
Congratulations to overall winner Patrick Hamilton in his Solo, who took the honours with one 1st place and two 2nd places for a combined total of 5.


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Boat Class: PY Handicap
Format: 6 races (reduced to 5 due to strong winds) with 3 to count, mass starts
First: P Hamilton, Solo (score 5)
Second: L Tenannt & T Carter GP14 (score 7)
Third: A Johnson, laser (Score 8)
Event finished
HelmCrewBoatSail No123456ResultPosition
HelmCrewBoatSail No123456ResultPosition
C HawkinsPhantom137126 (DNF)783A-156
P HargreavesPhantom109526 (DNF)2011-A--5718
R GossSupaNova63016221613A83712
B AlliinsonSolo382826 (DNF)28 (DNF)--A--
D BaileyLaser182569111712-A-4014
G LamleLaser-1214149A6279
P HodgsonLaser Radial1322021328 (DNF)15-A-5617
P NorcliffeSolo26 (DNF)28 (DNF)--A--
A JohnsonLaser1882738336A283
P NelsonLaser173162164-A-115
R WhittleSolo47151528 (DNF)--A--
A AspdenVereo + GP14*36326 (DNF)28 (DNF)--A--
P DewhurstJulieGP14-189-A--
T Ormerodlaser125615141113-A-3813
S GrahamSolo32713414A484
P HamiltonSolo53832522A151
J PartridgePico----A3-
A HargreavesStreaker1342710--A--
G DewhurstN DewhurstGP141337568--A--
I ArmstrongJ PartridgeGP141344726 (DNF)1--A--
L TenantT carterGP14141034261A572
P Grahamlaser26 (DNF)919 (DNF)-A-5416
T Blackburnlaser17175626 (DNF)16-11A-5315
T BennetSolo912197A-2810
G GrahamTopper519812A-257
G BatesO BatesBahia19426 (DNF)21--A--
S AshworthLaser1654401013-10A-3311
J DewhurstSolo4714-1575A-278
B HoldenLaser136014--10-A--
D LowdenStreaker1676--8A--

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