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Sunday Autumn Series 2013

Series finished BUTTON

The Sunday Autumn series started in some lovely, warm late summer weather. However, the water level in the lake came very close to sailing being abandoned. Thankfully after a meeting between he Club Commodore, the Rivers Authority and other interested parties the emptying of the lake was halted and much needed water from the top reservoir was pouredd into Burwain. A close call!

Champagne Day Results 1st September

Sunday 1st September was a ‘Champagne Day’ and congratulations goes to Lee Tennant and his young Crew Oliver Ralph in their GP14 who won with 2 x 1st places and 1 x 2nd place to clinch the overall day.
1st Place L Tennant & O Ralph (GP14)
2nd Place I Armstring & J Partridge (GP14)
3rd Place P Nelson & E Fazackerley (GP14)

Overall Series Final Results

A healthy 37 Boats competed throughout the series, with 6 reached the qualifying standard.
1st Place L Tennant & O Ralph (GP14)
2nd Place I Armstrong & J Partridge (GP14)
3rd Place G Dewhurst & N Dewhurst (GP14)[/column]


21 Races, 11 to Count

PY Handicap Racing, Mass Start, First Warning signal at 12.55pm for a 1pm start.
Series Start Date: Sun 18th August, Ended: Sun 6th October

HelmCrewBoatSail No123456789101112131415161718192021ResultPosition
HelmCrewBoatSail No123456789101112131415161718192021ResultPosition
P NorcliffeSolo41088 (DNF)---------4-----AA6137
B Holdenlaser, Enterprise*136014354-------------AA-8*-
S GrahamT GrahamSolo, GP14*3271131-------------AA3*1*2*
G DewhurstN dewhurstGP1413585222223----------AA125253
R GossSolution4278 (DNF)-6----55111169 (DNF)99-AA9109756
G LamleF Lamle*Laser GP14*-4454444448*7*-577-AAOODOOdOOD425
P HamiltonSolo5383-13-------------AA---
L TenantO RalphGP1414103---112211321----AA444181
T PartridgeN PartridgeGP1412464---331---68---6-AA566
?laser 200022318----6 (DNF)-----------AA---
I ArmstrongJ Partridge, AN Other*GP14 Solo+13477-----5*122213---2+AA2*3*1*192
Tim-Laser136014-----7 (DNF)----------AA---
P NelsonE fazackerleylaser, GP14*173162------333---2*4*5*1AA---
M EarlLaser160889------56-1010-66--AA89-
D LowdenSolo---------59-----AA---
D BaileyLaser---------955----AA---
T OrmerodLaser---------46-----AA---
P DewhurstJulieGP14 Solo*, Streaker**---------1323*1*1**3AA-53294
C DobsonStreaker---------64----AA---
M PearceStreaker, Solo*1744------------132*-AA---
P hargreavesSolution451------------4544AA---
A aspdenVario363------------788-AA---
P HodgesonLaser132262-------------23OODAA---
O RalphTopper36785-------------11 (DNF)--AA---
Oliviapico---------------6 (DNF)AA---
jadeMorganTopaz1860----------------AA12 (DNF)1110
kaydeTopper40385----------------AA12 (DNF)--
A DawsonVareo489----------------AA778

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