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Sunday Brass Monkey Series 2013, Results

Series finished BUTTON

Results – 8 Races, 4 to Count

The series comprised of PY Handicap Racing with Mass Starts
Series Start Date: Sun 3rd Feb, Ended: Sun 24th Feb
First: S. Graham (Solo)
Second: P Hamilton (Solo)
Third: A Johnson (Laser)

P Hamilton-Solo538311521533--------------52
A Hargreaves Laser5611712-136-------------248
T PartridgeLaser/GP1246444912109810-------------259
P HargreavesPhantom1093327106768177
L TennantT CarterLaser/4202315-15---3512
J PartridgePico/Laser-5-6--702710
C HawkinsPhantom1171--344352124
A JohnsonLaser188273--11364593
F O'HurleyLaser136014--10-0-----
R WhittleSolo4715--655424156
I ArmstrongJ partridgeGP1413447OOdOOD2-72--14.75
G LamleLaser--121111-10124413
P DewhurstSuoaNova486--13-138----
P NorcliffeSolo1676--888--73111
S GrahamSolo3271--43211151
D LowdonStreaker1676---9--1115--
D Baileylaser188625---13--911--
R GossSupaNova630---14--1213--
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