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Sunday Spring Series 2013, Results

Series finished BUTTON

21 Races, 11 to Count

The series comprised of PY Handicap Racing and Class Racing with Mass Starts.
Series Start Date: Sun 10th March, Ended: Sun 28th April

34 boats competed in total with 13 helms qualifying and 6 Crew

Final results.

First: G Dewhurst (helm), N Dewhurst (crew) (GP14)
Second: P Norcliffe (Solo)
Third: P hamilton (helm), C Gatty (crew) (National 12 /Solo)

HelmCrewBoatSail No123456789101112131415161718192021ResultPosition
HelmCrewBoatSail No123456789101112131415161718192021ResultPosition
M PearceStreaker GP14*1744135127 (DNF)6*11 (DNF)A184
R WhittleSolo4715243A309
I ArmstrongGP14 Solo*1344735233*A
J DewhurstSolo410842A
P HamiltonC GattyNational 12 Solo*35025985610 (DNF)2*2A173
D BaileyLaser1823566106A
P DewhurstSupaNova496787A
P HargreavesPhantom1095869711 (DNF)A
T BlackburnLaser17175610 (DNF)1010A
S GrahamSolo5386-11---3A
L TennantT CarterGP14-743522A228
P NorcliffeSolo4108114A172
S AshworthLaser165440---7814 (DNF)A
P GrahamSolo4714---22A
P NelsonLaser1731652---96311A206
P EastwoodLaser Vago Bahia*11---18 (DNF)9814 (DNF)A7213
S GrahamJ Graham L Tennant*GP1413555---6351*1*OODOODA19.46
G DewhurstN DewhurstGP1413375---831OODOODOOD33A141
P DewhurstCrew M Mussell*GP1413545---111164*4244A217
T partridgeCrewGP1412464---12A
A aspdenRS Vario489---18 (DNF)1414 (DNF)A
C woodTopper---1415-A
J WoodM WoodTopaz---14139A6412
G GrahamTopper---13127A5311
G LamleLaser182569------563811 (DNF)A3710
J DewhurstU SchmitgenGP1412742---57 (DNF)511 (DNF)A
R GossSupernova630---414 (DNF)11 (DNF)A
C GattyO BatesPico---95A

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