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Sunday Summer Series 2013 & Champagne Day Desults

Series finished BUTTON

The Sunday Summer series started in good conditions with the second Champagne Day of the week adding a bit of extra competition.

Champagne Day Results May 5th

Sunday 5th May was a ‘Champagne Day’ and congratulations goes to Ashley Johnson in his Laser who won with 2 x 1st places and 1 x 2nd place to clinch the overall day.
1st Place A Johnson (Laser)
2nd Place G Dewhurst & N Dewhurst (GP14)
3rd Place P Nelson (Laser)

Overall Series Final Results

A large number of 42 Boats competed throughout the series, However, only 6 reached the qualifying standard.
1st Place J Dewhurst (Solo)
2nd Place L Tennant & T Carter (GP14)
3rd Place C Hawkins (Phantom)[/column]


21 Races, 11 to Count

PY Handicap Racing, Mass Start, First Warning signal at 12.55pm for a 1pm start.
Series Start Date: Sun 5th May, Ends: Sun23rd June

HelmCrewBoatSail No123456789101112131415161718192021ResultPosition
HelmCrewBoatSail No123456789101112131415161718192021ResultPosition
T BlackburnLaser171756913----11118--------A11A-
P HodgsonLaser Radial1322625115--6-----------A-A-
P NelsonLaser17316233---------------AOODAOOD
G LamleLaser-16 (DNF)106----129696644-3A9A6504
P WhitthamLaser3395311----------------A-A-
C RobinsonLaser171861138---------------A-A-
D BaileyLaser18256969---------------A-A-
P HargreavesPhantom109587-------51111 (DNF)55310 (DNF)2A-A-565
C HawkinsPhantom1341448 (DNF)----44452OODOODOOD--A3A-33.43
A JohnsonLaser188275121------145-----a6A2
A DawsonRS Vareo489763-----------A-A-
J DewhurstSolo Laser 200*471416 (DNF)5--3226--2311110 *(DNF)12* (DNF)A5A-201
G DewhurstN DewhurstGP1413375212111-----------A-A-
T PartridgeC Partridge G Graham J PartridgeGP14124641014----897----22--A-A-
A Yates Laser & Radial13601412124--------------A-A-
B AllisonSolo3828---2456106------44A-A-
D LowdenStreaker1676---354---OODOODOOD-----A8A-
P DewhurstJulieGP1413545---7 (DNF)2375-------36A-A-
B HoldenTimGP1412321---46------------A-A-
D BaileyG LamleGP1412655---576-----------A-A-
I ArmstrongJ PartridgeGP1413447------111------11A-A-
S GrahamT Graham P dewhurst*GP1413555------432*871*---25A-A-
L TennantT CarterGP1414103------523264---OODOODA1A5292
R WhittleSolo4715------375--------A-A-
R TeagueS TeagueGP1413526------913-915 (DNF)-47---A-A-
P WhitthamMrs WhitthamGP1413621------108-------10 (DNF)12 (DNF)A-A-
A AspdenP Dewhurst* T Carter**RS Vareo & GP 14*363------14 (DNF)14----76-10 (DNF)8A-A-
R GossSupanova630------1216 (DNF)-10107885-7A13A8 (DNF)756
S AshworthLaser165440---------33-23---A10A-
D MussellSupanova496---------7811 (DNF)-----A-A-
E FazackerelySolo2971---------1115 (DNF)------A-A-
M EarlLaser160889---------1215 (DNF)------A-A-
I ArmstrongSolo3271----------111 (DNF)-----A-A-
J PartridgeLaser & PICO136014------------3----A-A3
D SunderlandGP1413026---------------10 (DNF)12 (DNF)A-A-
P HamiltonSolo5383-----------------A2A1
S GrahamSolo3271-----------------A4A4
G GrahamTopper-----------------A12A-

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