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Wednesday Race Series ‘1’ 2013.

10 Races, 5 to Count

PY Handicap Racing, Mass Start, First Warning signal at 6.55pm for a 7pm start.
Series Start Date: Wed 17th April, Ends: Wed 19th June

Overall Series Final Results

39 Boats competed throughout the series, with 10 reaching the qualifying standard.
1st Place S Graham & T Graham (GP14)
2nd Place G Dewhurst & N Dewhurst (GP14)
3rd Place P Nelson (Laser)

G Lamle-Laser-6-11121066838------------297
P HodgdsonLaser13222026791197--13 (DNF)6-----------379
S GrahamL Tennant T Graham*GP14135556------4-------------61
P Nelson Laser1731621524-24-1-103
T Blackburnlaser1717566---------
J GrahamSolo-46-4--3--
M LeakeStreaker1676-3485-362-204
P DewhurstAN Other M Mussell*GP1413545-214525-713-215
C RobinsonLaser171861-8109---11594110
P NorcliffeSoloOOD6-----13 (DNF)--
P NorcliffeM MussellGP1413585-12-12 (DNF)-----
G DewhurstN DewhurstGP1413375--11-321OOD36.82
D BaileyLaser182569--7106-7-75328
P EastwoodV GattyVago11--8-------
M PearceStreaker1744--57-4----
P WhitthamK HindsGP1413621--13----OOD8-
A AspdenVareo363--1414 (DNF)-----13
A DawsonOOD-OOD-----
C HawkinsPhantom1341---3710 (DNF)-5-1266
S GrahamSolo3271-132111---
P Hargreaves---OOD------
S AshworthLaser165440---68--2--
P HammiltonSolo5383----3----2
Barry HoldenLaser136014-----10 (DNF)--6-
T PartridgeJ PartridgeGP1412464------5---
G BatesO Bates P Eastwood*Bahia194------8--12
R TeagueS TeagueGP1413526-------9-11
E FazackerleyLaser136014-------10--
A HargreavesStreaker1432--------47
G HowsonStreaker1825--------13 (DNF)-
K CrawleyLaser---------13 (DNF)-
P DewhurstSolo4714---------4
M EarlLaser160889---------10
L tennantSolo4108---------15 (DNF)

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