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Wednesday Race Series ‘2’ 2013

11 Races, 6 to Count

PY Handicap Racing, Mass Start, First Warning signal at 6.55pm for a 7pm start.
Series Start Date: Wed 26th June, Ends: Wed 4th September

Overall Series Final Results

27 Boats competed throughout the series, with 11 reaching the qualifying standard. Races 5 and 11 were abandoned due to no wind.
1st Place P Hamilton (Solo)
2nd Place S Graham & T Graham (GP14)
3rd Place G Lamle (Laser)

L Tennant-Solo47144---A-----A-----------
P NorcliffeM MussellSolo, GP14*410810-9-A--OOD57A----------28.810
P HammiltonSolo538323-1A---11A----------51
G LamleStreaker1676996OODA12288A10.63
M PearceStreaker17441---AOOD----A
P Dewhurst?laser Stratos, Solo*127142*1*-A-----A
D LowdenRS vareo36318 (DNF)-7-A-----A
R TeagueS TeagueGP141352611-86A-6 (DNF)---A3111
E Fazackerleylaser radial-13---A----9A
M EarlLaser16088915---A--311-A
P Hodgesonlaser13226287-4A2---OODA18.37
P NelsonLaser173162644-A---73A176
D BaileyLaser1325697858A---106A269
S Ashworthlaser165440363-A---62A144
P WhitthamLaser3395312--7A-----A
B HoldenLaser1360145--5A--19-A208
Kieran CrowleyLaserClub161012 (DNF)-A-----A
M LeakeStreaker1676OOD5--A-3445A15.25
S GrahamT GrahamGP14, Solo*13555-1-2A4*(DNF)----A9.32
T PartridgeOOOOOD-A-----A
J GrahamSolo428623A-----A
A AspdenRS Vario, GP14*363--10-A-6 (DNF)6* (DNF)--A
G dewhurstN DewhurdstGP14----A-1-13 (DNF)4A
I ArmstrongSolo3271--------2-A

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